PXG Shares The Trick To Scary Good Golf

Published: 10/25/2022

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The trick to better golf is treating yourself to the best golf clubs money can buy. PXG is getting into the spooky spirit and offering unbeatable prices on our most popular products to date. Not only are these deals scary good, the technology behind PXG clubs is killer!


PXG’s GEN5 Irons are engineered for players of all skill levles. With its updated 5x forged head design, new advanced technologies, and unmatched distance and forgiveness, GEN5 Irons are a force to be reckoned with.

Precision Weight Technology

All GEN5 Iron models feature five tungsten heal/toe weight ports with one added large weight near the CG of the back of the club head. The large center weight can be adjusted to any player’s swing mechanics to further benefit launch, distance, and overall feel.

Power Channel Technology

The Power Channel Technology is a newly designed U-shaped corridor that is built within the clubface of each GEN5 iron model. The U-shaped channel helps increase deflection off the clubface while simultaneously creating face movement to better launch angle, trajectory, and ball speed.

XCOR 2 Technology

The new GEN5 Irons are equipped with a re-engineered and patented XCOR2 Technology. Made out of specially-created polymer core material, XCOR2 is an extremely lightweight substance that allows more weight to be positioned around the perimeter of the backside of the club head. This creates an increase in MOI (moment of inertia) and forgiveness, giving each player maximum playability. Paired with the ultra-thin face technology, the XCOR2 structure increases the C.O.R. for maximum ball speed and extreme face deflection.


PXG has continuously upped their driver game from their previous generation. The latest GEN5 Driver has taken distance, forgiveness, and ball speeds to a new level while staying true to the brand’s clean clubhead design.

Precision Weight Technology

The Precision Weight Technology in the GEN5 Drivers are equipped with one light (2.5g) and two heavy (7.5g) weights that are interchangeable to allow players to find their exact spin and ball flight preference.

Weights are available in: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20

Supported Weight Structure

New to the PXG driver technology is the advanced supported weight structure. Shifting the focal weight ports to the perimeter of the clubhead creates a stiff, stable structure that produces high frequency vibrations for better sound and unmatched feel at impact.

Face Technology

PXG GEN5 Drivers are made from a high-strength Ti412 titanium alloy which allows the clubface to have a high face deflection and spring to create maximum ball speeds. The variable face design of the driver helps decrease the mass and increase the durability of the clubhead through contact.


PXG’s Sugary Daddy II Wedges should be everyone’s go-to club for around the green play. The Sugar Daddy II Wedges have two versatile sole designs the BP-Grind (13) and C-Grind (10). The BP-Grind is designed for lush turf conditions, sand traps, and players with a steep attack angle. With the wider sole and slight taper from heel to toe, the BP-Grind is able to produce higher bounce and maximum forgiveness. The C-Grind is designed with a narrow sole and a more aggressive taper from heel to toe. Since the C-Grind produces moderate bounce at impact, this option is best for firm turf conditions.

Precision Weight Technology

The 0311 Sugar Daddy II Wedge allows swing weight adjustability. The large weight located in the center back of the club head can be adjusted in 2-gram increments during a PXG fitting. This allows players of all skill levels to find the exact spin rate and ball flight for their game.

Full Face Grooves

PXG re-designed their wedges with a full-face groove structure. This helps expand the hitting area for off-centered shots and allows more confidence at address.

High Toe Weighting

The High Toe Weighting technology in the Sugar Daddy II Wedges helps position the CG (center of gravity) in line with open-face shots. This allows more forgiveness and better impact with each shot.

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